About Us

PangaeaRx is foundationally grounded in sharing and educating about the direct correlation between a broad-spectrum, plant-derived CBD product and the end-user’s therapeutic outcome/overall health benefit.

Realizing the health benefits of cannabis decades ago, our farm deliberately selected a number of high-potency, cannabidiol (CBD) strains for their specific genetic attributes in an effort to create a proprietary strain to be purpose-cultivated only for its yield of a medicinal grade, CBD extract. Without GMO’s, hybridization took just under a decade to hybridize, stabilize, and cultivate our proprietary, high-potency, cannabis strain into one of the world’s most potent CBD hemp strains. The sole purpose of our genetics is to produce a true medicinal grade, broad spectrum CBD extract. Courtesy of organic farming methods in Colorado soil, our proprietary, robust, CBD hemp strain is cultivated to power our hemp-derived CBD-rich products that enhance, compliment, and accelerate cannabis’ therapeutic outcomes without the effects of THC or the potential addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.

Most cannabidiol (CBD) products on the market today are sourced from industrial hemp that is mass-farmed in countries outside the U.S and in soil unsuitable for cultivating food grade, agricultural produce. Rather, this type of industrial hemp is the source for numerous commercial products (food, textiles, paper, fabric, and fuel oil) and grown without any farming regulation that would otherwise establish protective guidelines for the cultivation of a medically-purposed crop. Additionally, many current CBD products on the market today are isolate-driven which can inherently provide only a fraction of the benefits due to the natural medicinal loss incurred while synthesizing extract into isolate. For optimum, therapeutic outcomes that lead to a truly healthy CBD supplement regimen, an organically grown, plant-derived CBD source is paramount to providing the foundational component – CBD-rich extract; and only a plant-derived CBD product can provide a true CBD benefit to the end user.

Our scientific, innovative, and results-driven approach to exploiting the medicinal value of our CBD extract has led to process-changing, non-invasive therapeutic products that promote a prescription-free, healthy, and active lifestyle which contribute to a whole health and wellness approach to life. PangaeaRx is grounded in sharing and educating about the direct correlation between a broad-spectrum, plant-derived, CBD product and the end-user’s therapeutic outcome/overall health benefit. Furthermore, we are committed to satisfying these paramount, biological truths by developing our plant-derived CBD product line using only the purest and highest quality ingredients to produce the best outcomes possible. 

The totality of our CBD products results from numerous foundational benchmark achievements in sustainable quality and an amalgamation of numerous supply chain elements. These elements include our high-potency, proprietary cannabis strain attaining full federal compliance; and this, achieving federal protection and 50-state legality under §7606 of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill. Furthermore, our cultivar utilizes only organic farming practices which have led to numerous accolades for our crop’s lack of ground-leached solvents, metals, pesticides, and GMO’s. Rather than utilize GMO’s, we chose and cultivated the finest clones while exercising the process of natural selection to stabilize our proprietary cannabis strain for strength, purity, and sustainable consistency. All of our CBD-rich hemp plants are grown and distributed in full compliance with the state of Colorado. Lastly, our market-leading CBD products are tested, packaged, processed, and manufactured using GMP, NSF, and ISO certified regulatory processes ensuring product consistency, potency, and purity. 

The quality of our hemp-derived CBD products is directly attributed to a comprehensive recipe which includes federal compliance, numerous Colorado state certifications, manufacturing and production standards, and best farming practices. These individual elements combined with internal and third party laboratory analysis together embody a broad-spectrum, plant-derived CBD product line with no equal. 

Containing exponentially more CBD value over all typical industrial hemp strains, our broad-spectrum CBD-rich hemp products sustainably and consistently maintain a market-leading 18% CBD per plant strength. Why choose anything less?