Customer Testimonials

“PangaeaRx is a fantastic product! I have tried several things from their product line.  I use the Muscle Relief tincture  and salve daily. The bath fizzer is amazing to throw in a hot bath after a long day.  I also have the pleasure of selling this product in the pharmacy I work in. I have several customers who have great results and come back for continuous therapy. I will always recommend this brand over others due to it’s clarity and quality. It’s rare that you find a good, pure product. The guys behind the operation are also fantastic people. They are a phone call away if you have a question.

Communication and availability are high on their lists of priorities. I will always be confident in using and selling this product.”

-Arlie P.

“I use the Unwind tincture when I need to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, and it works wonderfully, without any grogginess in the morning. It also helps relieve knee pain from a recent meniscus surgery. Would definitely recommend PangaeaRX over any other brand.”

-Connor S.

“I use the drops for unwinding and it really helps. Plus I have used the chews for my dog and it has made a world of difference when getting her groomed.  I have bought some salve for arthritis for my daughter who has moya-moya and that has helped her.  I am surprised how much it really helps.  I’ve used PangaeaRx for at least over a year.  Plus my Medical Dr. know of my use with the medicine  they have me on.   Thank you very much and do recommend it.”
-Vicki B.

Several months ago my son had dental work done, and he was in pain. I began using the salve on the outside of his cheeks and within a few minutes he had relief. This is a great product, safe for both adults and children. I would definitely recommend to others for any pain they may be experiencing.

-The Piel Family

“Your muscle relief formula helps minimize my knee joint paint from decades old sport injuries and grows my patience to help me deal with the daily fires successfully.

Thanks for the game changer!”


“The products from this company really work. They are great in quality and in result.”

-Lexi B.

“I have used the muscle relief and the salve for my arthritis for over two years.  It works very well and I believe in the product.”
-John D.
“What I look for in any product is organic.  This product is that!  I wouldn’t use any other brand.  When their goal is to help family, you have to make the best.”

-Kathleen H.