500mg CBD Extra Strength Salve

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For fast-acting relief, sparingly apply salve topically to targeted muscles and joints to help alleviate minor aches and pains. The 1 oz. container is filled with our proprietary 500mg CBD-rich formula consisting of organically grown, active CMD-rich hemp oil (in CBG, CBN, and CBC), coconut oil, beeswax, lavender, eucalyptus, and arnica oils.

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3 reviews for 500mg CBD Extra Strength Salve

  1. John D

    I have used the muscle relief and the salve for my arthritis for over two years. It works very well and I believe in the product.

  2. Piel F

    Several months ago my son had dental work done, and he was in pain. I began using the salve on the outside of his cheeks and within a few minutes he had relief. This is a great product, safe for both adults and children. I would definitely recommend to others for any pain they may be experiencing.

  3. Rebecca S

    Can we talk about major pain relief!? These products are amazing. I use the salve every single day. The minute I get up I put some on and it really helps me walk, I have very severe arthritis and my feet are stiff in the morning and I don’t have a lot of mobility. But when I use the salve and wait a few minutes it provides instant relief and I can go about my days. I love the foot soak, when I am having horrible pain days its lovely to soak my feet in the hot bath and just feel the soothing relief. I use the tincture when I am having really bad days like when it is raining or I have been on my feet all day. Just a few drops and the pain is eased very quickly. I was skeptical about this at first but now I am a lifelong customer. If you have severe pain and are at your wits end, give these products a try.

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