CBD Tincture: Anti-Anxiety Formula

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One of our personal favorite terpene-driven tinctures…a true maverick in managing the overarching reaches of anxiety!  This tincture formula is very effective in assisting one to manage numerous stresses and the many variables that can contribute to all degrees of personal anxiety.  Additionally, this tincture formulation has been successfully used in mitigating consequential conditions resulting from anxiety.  PangaeaRx Anti-Anxiety Formula relies on our proprietary, organic terpene profile that is heavy in Linalool and complimented with other terpenes including Gamma-Terpinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Nerolidol, and Citral that together produces an effervescent, berry-like flavor.  Fortifying our proprietary, Anti-Anxiety terpene profile is a broad spectrum of ZERO THC hemp-derived cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, & CBN) that collaboratively provide a deep, calming effect enabling one to restore lost qualities of life.

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4 reviews for CBD Tincture: Anti-Anxiety Formula

  1. Lexi

    The Anti-Anxiety formula tincture is fantastic. This formula has helped me manage my anxiety symptoms and help me calm in stressful situations. Using it regularly has been a game changer for me this last year. In those moments of high stress, having this in my bag helps me be able to take it quick and easy and relax in those moments. I definitely recommend using this product because it’s been a positive resource in my mental health journey.

  2. Patrick

    After trying all of the tinctures this one is by far my favorite. I have some before bed and it’s a great calming effect!

  3. ngviisuals (verified owner)

    I love , love this CBD , it helps with my anxiety, helps me relax an sleep , would highly recommend to anyone who struggles with anxiety , I’ve been using this Brand for over a year now , I also buy my dogs the dog tinctures , my fiancée uses the focus one to help her focus , can’t wait to try all of them

  4. Nicholas Guerra (verified owner)

    Great stuff I love it alot

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