CBD Tincture: Muscle Relief Formula

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Needing a plant-based therapeutic that focuses on muscle, ligament, joint, or soft tissue pain or discomfort?  PangaeaRx Muscle Relief Formula was developed to help manage these physical challenges and the consequential, lost qualities of life that can be associated with them.  This formula is also valuable in helping to minimize spasticity challenges and provide maximum dexterity while concurrently helping to manage daily stress and restore the body’s homeostasis.  The efficacy of targeted benefits is found in our proprietary, organic terpene formula which highlights Alpha Pinene, Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, and Humulene.  Compounded with a broad spectrum of ZERO THC hemp-derived cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, & CBN), our Muscle Relief Formula does what other CBD products cannot; it provides the most intense “Entourage Effect” providing measurable, targeted relief.  Flavor characteristics of our Muscle Relief Formula include a mellow, plant-like flavor followed up with a light, spicey finish.

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5 reviews for CBD Tincture: Muscle Relief Formula

  1. John Deyoe

    My hand shaking is gone since I started using the muscle relief formula. Thank you very much.

  2. Tom T

    Your muscle relief formula helps minimize my knee joint paint from decades old sport injuries and grows my patience to help me deal with the daily fires successfully.

    Thanks for the game changer!

  3. Arlie P

    PangaeaRx is a fantastic product! I have tried several things from their product line. I use the Muscle Relief tincture and salve daily. The bath fizzer is amazing to throw in a hot bath after a long day. I also have the pleasure of selling this product in the pharmacy I work in. I have several customers who have great results and come back for continuous therapy. I will always recommend this brand over others due to it’s clarity and quality. It’s rare that you find a good, pure product. The guys behind the operation are also fantastic people. They are a phone call away if you have a question.

    Communication and availability are high on their lists of priorities. I will always be confident in using and selling this product.

  4. Patrick

    After searching for and trying many CBD tinctures to help with muscle aches and joint pain, this is the winner! The high potency custom formulas are exactly what I was hoping to find and the relief is long lasting!

  5. AG

    I need other people to know that THIS STUFF WORKS! I have been experiencing extreme abdominal and pelvic camps/pain due to health conditions, and the muscle relief formula tincture has helped immensely to reduce my pain. Taking it regularly has helped improve my quality of life in a short period of time. Everyone needs this stuff if you experience chronic pain.

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