Custom Therapeutics Program – Custom CBD Tincture Formulation

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Why settle for off the shelf therapeutics with potencies that fall short?  Now, you can customize the potency of any of our terpene-driven, tincture formulas in 250mg increments (from 1250mg to 4000mg)!  AND, we will ship it DIRECTLY to your door for FREE!

It’s easy:

  • Determine desired terpene-driven formula (Anti-Anxiety, Focus, Muscle Relief, Unwind)
  • Determine desired potency (1250-4000mg) in 250mg increments
  • PangaeaRx custom formulates, packages, and ships your order within ONE business day.

We rely on UPS 3 Day delivery for all orders shipped in the continental U.S.

Free shipping for U.S. domestic orders over $59!

What goes inside our UV resistant, blue bottles is applied terpene science and three organic ingredients that together create the widest ‘entourage effect’ with the most measurable outcomes. The base oil of our terpene-driven, broad spectrum CBD tincture formulas is a refined coconut oil – medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). We chose MCT due to its overwhelming health benefits, bioavailability to the human body, widest mass appeal, and its minimally invasive flavor. Next, is our broad spectrum CBD hemp extract which heralds from a non-GMO plant pedigree and is farmed only for its robust CBD extract potency. These proprietary, hybridized, plant genetics are nurtured in metals-free, Colorado soil and cultivated by pesticide-free, organic farming methods. Once harvested, we rely on a proprietary, Super Critical CO2 extraction method to preserve as much of the natural plant profile and potency as possible. The result is a market-leading, broad spectrum (0.0%THC), plant extract potency which is the bedrock of our broad spectrum CBD products. To ensure quality, consistency, and beneficial sustainability when creating our proprietary terpene profiles, we insist on sourcing only organic, plant derived terpenes rather than inferior and commonly used food grade, kosher, halal-certified, or synthetic terpenes to create our proprietary, organic terpene profiles. Each of our proprietary terpene profiles have been carefully selected based upon their known therapeutic contributions, as well as their flavor and fragrance. Lastly, our proprietary, organic terpene profiles are compounded with our robust CBD hemp extract to create our terpene-driven, broad spectrum CBD tincture formulas. We offer three distinct tincture formulas: Anti-Anxiety, Unwind, Muscle Relief, and Focus. All formulas come in 30mL, blue, UV resistant glass bottles.

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Anti-Anxiety, Muscle Relief, Focus, Unwind


1250mg, 1500mg, 1750mg, 2000mg, 2250mg, 2500mg, 2750mg, 3000mg, 3250mg, 3500mg, 3750mg, 4000mg

6 reviews for Custom Therapeutics Program – Custom CBD Tincture Formulation

  1. kathleen p

    What I look for in any product is organic. This product is that! I wouldn’t use any other brand. When their goal is to help family, you have to make the best.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    The custom formulas are the only way to go! Affordable high dose CBD is hard to come by and the quality of these are great!

  3. Nancy (verified owner)

    Custom formulas are excellent!
    Great service. Highly recommend.

  4. Nancy (verified owner)

    Custom formulas are excellent.
    Great service. Highly recommend.

  5. Nancy (verified owner)

    Excellent service, high quality products at affordable prices.

  6. Nancy (verified owner)

    Affordable high quality organic formulas. Highly recommend!

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