Why Choose PangaeaRx?

Terpene-driven, cannabinoid formulations for targeted results

Restore the body’s level of homeostasis and reclaim lost quality of life by effectively managing body ailments such as muscle aches/pain/tightness/spasms/spasticity, muscle/tissue inflammation, anxiety/stress management, insomnia, and other personal ailments. PangaeaRx product implementation of applied terpene science intensifies and measurably broadens the ‘Entourage Effect.’ Concurrently, this effect can help to achieve homeostasis within the human body. Benefits of achieving homeostasis can include: the highest levels of immunity, increased patience/minimized anxiety, and improvement of one’s physical dexterity, personal well-being, outlook and attitude.

Scientific. Innovative. Transparent.

Our scientific approach to product development compounded with our implementation of applied terpene science distinguishes us with products that outperform. PangaeaRx focus on applied terpene science provides numerous, benefits that include a science-supported and targeted approach to hemp-derived therapeutics; drives product development of our broad spectrum cannabinoid formulations; and is responsible for the broadest, therapeutic ‘entourage effect’ that provides targeted intensity with a more measurable and tangible user outcome.

Our focus on relevance and efficacy is what drives our product innovation. Our genesis began with our innovative, proprietary hemp-genetics – the bedrock of our broad spectrum (0.0% THC) CBD formulations; and while most CBD offerings stop there, we further innovated by implementing applied terpene science into product innovation. The result is a complete and targeted cannabinoid therapeutic that provides unparalleled results free of pharmaceutical drug addiction or the psychoactive effects of THC. We will continue to innovate as science, packaging, and as needs progress.

The depth of our transparency is seeded only in labs certified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We rely on both Avazyme and ACS Laboratories to perform all product testing, and consequently, provide the respective certificates of analysis (CoA) for our entire terpene-driven, broad spectrum cannabinoid product line. We at PangaeaRx find comfort in their lab reports in that they definitively display our product’s strength, purity, potency, and composition.

Why Practitioners and Providers Choose Us

Simply, professional practitioners and providers choose science. Since inception, PangaeaRx scientific approach to hemp-derived therapeutics has been rooted in applied terpene science; it is part of our DNA. Our terpene-driven, cannabinoid products have delivered amazingly successful and sustainable results in pain management, functional, integrative, and sports medicine arenas, without the potential for prescription drug addiction or abuse. Our implementation of applied terpene science not only provides targeted efficacy, but opens doors to innovation resulting in relevant, purposeful, and targeted hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations that provide true therapeutic efficacy for humans and pets. The proof is in the pudding.

Again, our focus in applied terpene science continues to distinguish us from everyone else by providing an opportunity to employ a product design strategy that symbiotically aligns with a patient first approach to health and wellness. This approach is realized through our numerous terpene-driven, CBD tincture formulas. These targeted formulas are driven by their respective, proprietary, organic terpene profiles purposefully selected due to their science-supported, therapeutic benefits. The result is an approach that offers a much more focused, scientific, and therapeutically valuable CBD option for the most scrutinizing and discerning individuals. Additionally, rather than rely on artificial or uncomplimentary flavoring, our proprietary terpene profiles provide a natural solution characterized by unique flavors to mitigate the intrinsic distaste of a true, plant derived hemp extract. To gain an appreciation for what you don’t have to tolerate, stop by one of our exclusive partner providers or retailers for a free sample of one of our terpene-driven, broad spectrum CBD tincture formulas.

Our products do not contain any THC, metals, pesticides, or GMOs.

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Restore the body’s level of homeostasis and reclaim lost quality of life by effectively managing ailments.




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